Action Review 2017

Action Review 2017

January 2017

This month the excavation of new home which combines luxury & functionality with a traditional look  has started in Agios Dimitrios village. Action team has undertaken the construction of this project, whereas the architectural study was accomplished by another team.

At the same time in villa Maia in Xirosterni, the pitched roof has been placed.

February 2017

The Galini Breeze project was delivered to its owners and they are ready to welcome their guests!

Here is what Marc & Monique, the owners say for this cooperation “”Back in 2015, we selected Action Constructing as our partner for the conception of our long-dreamed small-scale holiday resort and private villa, after a pitch we organized between 4 competitive companies. The core team of Manolis, George, Lilly definitely won this pitch because they really understood our briefing, and delivered an astonishing architectural concept for the 4 studios that both touched our emotional as our business requirements. They combine a can-do mentality with a sound understanding of our western-European building standards and preferences in details of materials and applications. During the building process we appreciated the frequent communication, and of course the strive for quality of Manolis and his team, to guarantee a valuable result for their customers. Delivered early 2017 – in time! – , we are happy living here and running Galini Breeze successfully now. As this is greatly due to the fruitful cooperation with Action Constructing, we highly recommend them for likewise projects!” See more from Galini Breeze at

March 2017

In March the architectural team of Action designed the unique and luxury project of villa Belvedere. The project is designed for a plot in South Crete with amazing view. Belvedere in Italian means the balcony, and/or the summer house with the unique view (bello – vedere). We chose this name for the project the first time we visited it, to walk it through and survey it. It was like a balcony there. What a unique plot we thought. Really, not only a challenge, but an opportunity, too. A challenge for the Construction and an opportunity for Architecture and design.

April 2017

In April 2017, the vision of villa Lily in Xirosterni found its owners. This 2-storey stone villa was designed by our team for a plot in Xirosterni, Apokoronas, in the middle of Cretan Nature and with great views to Souda Bay. A warm and kind family from Belgium  loved this project and after a few meetings the contract was signed and we started preparing for developing this traditional stone villa.

May 2017

Few days after signing the contract for villa Lily, in May, the commencement of a new project in Xirosterni village in Chania took place.

In Agios Pavlos, the “smart home”  installation was at a preliminary stage. The team of Action decided to install this innovative technology to this unique investment of a lifetime.

The smart technology, which will be installed, involves the control and automation of lighting, heating , air conditioning (HVAC), and security, as well as home appliances such as washer/dryers, ovens or refrigerators/freezers.

June 2017

June was a really productive month to the construction field.

Four different projects on different places and different stages  were developing at the same time. In Villa Lily the foundation of the house had been completed. In Agios Dimitrios the brick walls and the first stage of the electrical & plumbing installations have been completed.  In Villa Maia, just two months before delivery day, the installation of windows and doors were taking place. Finally, in Agios Pavlos,  the stone walls and the first stage of the electrical “smart house” & plumbing installations were in .

July 2017

July, in the construction fields the works all the teams were working hard to take advantage of the sunny days. In villa Lily, the reinforced concrete was completed. In Agios Dimitrios the plastering was completed and in Agios Pavlos electrical installation of smar techonology was about to complete. For villa Maia, the final countdown had started and finishing touched were taking place.

In July our architectural team finalised the plans of a new custom made project in Agia Galini. The “Elephantaki” property is heading to submit in the planning office. Also, our team presented an architectural study of a plot in Adele, Rethymno upon owner’s request

In this month we also had the pleasure to sell villa Iris to a beloved family from Netherlands.


August 2017

This month the owners of the Rethymnian Brewery trusted the senior architect of Action Constructing to undertake the study and the supervision of this great  project of extension of their company.  The whole team of Action is supportive during the project from the start to the final delivery.

Also in August we had the house delivery of villa Iris in Olive Grove Project and in the end of the month the delivery of villa Maia in Xirosterni. The idea of this tailor made property starts back in 2008 but In the end of 2015 the owners decide that the hopeful project of villa Maia cannot wait any longer and  the project started in June of 2016 and delivered in 26th of August to our new friends from England.

A new cooperation with a car rental company started. Our leaflets were distributed to the clients of the company during the car delivery.

September 2017

September was a really productive month for Action Constructing architectural team. The new project of the apartments in Mastabas, Rethymno was designed from scratch. The architectural study was finalized. It is about a block of flats with 5 apartments with private parking space and storage room.

At the same time our team of architects designed a custom made house for our Belgian clients in Amnatos, Rethymno, Crete. It is about a modern, luxury property with 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, swimming pool and barbeque area.

In September villa Lia, the last 2 storey residence in Olive Grove was sold to a great Norwegian family who loves Greece.

The works in the construction fields were continuing at a steady pace.


October 2017

In October, the last property of Olive Grove was sold to the owners of villa Ariadne at the same project. We are really proud when our clients trust us again. With this last purchase the Olive Grove project was completed successfully. The whole team of Action despite the financial crisis in construction field, dreamed, designed and develop this hopeful project within 3 years.

In Agios Dimitrios project only two months are left for delivery and all the teams of Action Constructing were working in this field so everything will be ready, checked and deliver on time!

In Agios Pavlos the first stage of smart home technology is completed.  Hundreds of meters cables have been installed by our team of electricians.

November 2017

This month, the architectural team completed the design of a new 2 storey villa with basement.  It includes 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The new custom made house is going to be developed next year in the North side of the island on behalf of a family who lives in Switzerland. It is going to be a great high quality investment.

In the construction fields, the works were in progress with the most teams to work in Agios Dimitrios since the final countdown for house delivery has started.

December 2017

In December 2017 a beautiful circle of the construction in Agios Dimitrios comes to an end with the delivery of this home  to our new friends from Norway. In January the excavation started and 11 months later, a day after Christmas the house is being delivered to its owners. May their new home be full of happiness and joy!