Local Industries trust Action

Local Industries trust Action

At the end of previous month a new project has started in Rethymno, Crete

It is about the construction of a new industrial building from the local brewery.

The Rethymnian Brewery is a constantly growing industry. The exports have increased the last years and the needs of extension of the building was necessary.

The owners of the Brewery trusted the senior architect of Action Constructing to undertake the study and the supervision of this great  project of extension of their company.

The 30-year experience in the field of designing and developing sustainable and functional properties can guarantee the success of the whole project.

The whole team of Action is supportive during the project from the start to the final delivery.

In the beginning of the month the first stage of the foundation of this new project has been completed.

Action Constructing has the necessary experience, staff, organization and software so as  to elaborate specialized structural designs, technical support, constructions supervision  and technical team to deliver industrial projects.