What to expect from Action in 2018?

luxury villa entrance

What to expect from Action in 2018?

Many new things are coming for the next year in Action Constructing.  Here is a quick taste of what you will expect in the next year of Action Constructing team!

  • The excavation for 3 new houses will start in the first half of the year.
  • 1 renovation will start and finish at the same time
  • Villa Lily and villa Daphne will be delivered in summer period
  • Delivery of the smart houses of Action Constructing in Agios Pavlos in the begining of Autumn
  • Extension of the head offices in the first semester of the year
  • New architectural studies  are being delivered during the year.
  • New cooperations will start etc.

In 2018,  Action Constructing becomes twenty years old. We are really grateful of what we have accomplished up to now and we are ready for new challenges! The best is yet to come!

luxury villa entrance
Luxury Residence Complex in Crete
Modern villa in Amnatos
Design and Architecture Department
Action Office Interior