Building Activity increases due to Tourism

Agios Dimitrios proofing

Building Activity increases due to Tourism

The news are encouraging for construction sector in Greece, since mid-2017, after many years of inactivity.

According to ELSTAT data across the country there is an increase in building activity in November 2017, while in Rethymno tourism is main factor for improving  the construction sector, which from 2009 onwards fell down every year more and more.

Galini Breeze Main house

Despite the fact that there are still unresolved issues in the construction sector, recently there has been activity in the area, so we will have the first signs of recovery  at least on the part of the tourist residence in the coming years, which again provide  job opportunities  to professionals at the construction industry, and in related professions that inevitably were stagnant due to the absence of activity.

Design and Architecture Department

The building activity has increased concerning hotel units, alterations of existing dwellings, restoration and even new constructions for tourist use.

Villa Project Loutra View Sunset