General Excavation & Building’s Foundation

General excavation and building’s foundation at the appropriate depth depending on whether there is a basement or not and until stable ground is achieved. The surface of the excavation is covered by a thin layer of concrete, which allows better setting of the foundation and prevents reinforced steel from oxidation. Foundation of high quality reinforced concrete is carried out according to the static specifications and Concrete Technology Regulation (ΚΤΣ), which ensures excellent concrete performance.

Pillars, Beams, Concrete Slabs & Staircases

Static system of the building is first wood-formed. Next step is placement of insulation, 5 cm thick for excellent thermal insulation, and steel according to specifications. Finally, the formwork is filled with concrete of high quality.

External & Internal Walls

There are three types for exterior walls. Brick wall (brick in and out), composite wall (brick in and stone out) and stone wall (stone in and out). All types of walls contain insulation in the middle 5 cm thick. Wherever there is brick two reinforced cement rings, one at the height of the window sills and one at the window and door headers, are constructed for maximum building strength and performance. Interior walls are constructed with a single brick skin and with reinforced cement rings, like exterior walls.

Sloping Roofs

a. Externally the roof is lined with tar film in order to be waterproof and after that, the thermal insulating material is applied, as specified according to the Regulation of energy performance of the building. Ceramic roof tiles are then placed.

b. The interior of the roof is constructed with Swedish timber. The thickness of the supporting wood is according to the static specifications. Finally, the interior of the roof is varnished. When it comes to custom-made houses the client can have it colored the way they prefer.

Electrical Wiring Installation

The electrical connection is achieved through an electricity meter, which is placed outside the house, by the power supply company, leading to the main distribution/fuse box, located inside the house. All wiring can be inspected through shunt boxes at various points inside the house. The wiring leads from the distribution/fuse box to the different lighting points, switches, sockets etc. Each room includes a full installation of lighting points, switches and sockets (TV and telephone, too). The main fuse board is equipped with a safety circuit breaker and individual fuses for the water pump, cooker, fridge etc. Lights’ fitting and installation is the client’s responsibility. Provision of electrical installation for air conditioning or for burglar alarm system could be achieved upon request. All products are of high quality and in accordance with the approved specifications.

Plumbing Installation

The underground plumbing comes via a water meter, placed by the local council outside the dwelling. Inside the house the installation is beneath the flooring and wall mounted also, which ends up at different points – kitchen, lavatories, exterior taps, etc. Through a water tank and a water pump which functions when network’s water pressure isn’t adequate, the dwelling has a backup water supply even when there is water shortage. All sanitary articles for lavatories as well as accessories, hot – cold water taps, tap for kitchen sink are included. The dwelling’s waste connection leads to a drainage network, if that exists, or to an absorbent, waterproof septic tank as specified in the plan. Guttering is installed wherever necessary. Profiles and products are in accordance with the approved specifications.

Brick & Stone Walls

Brick walls are plastered in three coats. One of splashed plaster for better adhesion of material on surface. The second, a rough coat and the final one for a smooth surface. On outer walls a net is placed for better bonding of the plaster. Stone walls are varnished in two coats with a special material. In this way the stone wall gets waterproof.


The external surface of the ceiling is cleaned and thermal insulating material is placed (5 cm thick), then it’s covered with concrete and a coat of tarmac liquid is put. Then a tar film is placed, by using a flame-thrower, for excellent water resistance. The final coat is different in each construction, depending on whether the roof is reachable or not it will get either tiled (with one more substrate of concrete) or a coat of aluminum color (or acrylic color), always in accordance with the approved specifications. All rain gutters are channeled to the surface.


Outer and inner floors, verandas and staircases are tiled after the surface is smoothed by placing concrete substrate. Then tile glue is put for the excellent fit of “A” class tiles. Outside all tiles are nonslip. A large selection of tiles is available. At points where tiles change (e.g. doors etc.), marble or aluminum profile is placed.

Doors & Windows

Double glazed external doors, windows and shutters composed by aluminum with low factor permeability based in thermal break and insulation as well, which results in great thermal and water insulation. On the main entrance door, a new safety lock is placed once the construction is completed. The color, the quality and the kind of external doors and windows, are defined from the approved views and the specific area the construction is developed. All internal doors are made of melamine, with rounded frame, in a wide selection of colors and styles.

Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom

Kitchen cupboards are installed on the floor and on the wall, according to the plans. For the worktop, a double sink (by Ideal Standard or of the same quality brand), hot/cold water tap and a kitchen extractor fan are included. All of the cupboard frames are made of white melamine and the doors are melamine too, in the color of wood or in any other color from our selection. Electrical appliances (e.g. cooker, fridge, etc.) are not included, unless it’s described in the specific contract.

Bedrooms’ wardrobes, whether they are built-in or not, depending on specifications, include drawers, shelves etc. The frame is made of white melamine and the doors are of melamine too, either in the color of wood or in any other color from our selection. There is a wide range of designs and colors to choose from.

Bathroom walls and floors are covered with A’ class tiles of high quality whereas sanitary articles and faucets are by IDEAL STANDARD or a brand with equal quality.

Painting & Exterior

The external walls are painted with paint of the highest quality. The internal walls and ceilings are painted in three coats with paint for interior surfaces in a selection of colors. The window sills are of marble or local stone, which is sanded and polished with stone varnish. One of the last stages as far as the exterior work is concerned, includes lighting points ready for the installation of light fittings, water and airtight sockets and taps on verandas. Finally, the driveway and the parking spaces are formed.